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22.07.2014: Update on

A new website for the Southern section of EuroVelo 13 – Iron Curtain Trail has recently gone online. Co-funded by the South East Europe Interreg programme as part of a project called “Iron Curtain Trail”, the new platform provides more complete information for those wishing to cycle this section of the longest EuroVelo route, including the historical context of the Cold War in each country.

On Friday 27thJune 2014, went online focusing on the Southern part of EuroVelo 13 – Iron Curtain Trail, from the Austrian-Hungarian border to where it meets the Black Sea on the Bulgarian-Turkish border. As part of a larger project aiming at the development of the Iron Curtain Trail, the creation of the website has been funded by the South East Europe Interreg Programme. The new website should on the one hand help cyclists to better plan their trip along European borders whilst also providing information about the historical and environmental significance of the route.

The historical dimension of EuroVelo 13 is obvious since the itinerary passes along borders which used to belong to the Iron Curtain during the Cold War. Because of the Iron Curtain and the numerous ‘no man’s lands’ it created, a large strip of land remained free, far from human activities. It consequently created a unique protected “Greenbelt” through the heart of Europe, which is why there is also an important environmental dimension closely linked to the historical one.

For those who planned to cycle the Northern sections of the Iron Curtain Trail, don’t worry: another EU project – EV13ICT – has recently started, which will help fund the development of webpages for those sections. In the meantime, the information previously included on related to the northern section will remain available.

What’s new?

The new webportal is directly accessible from the address but it is always possible to find it from EuroVelo main website following the usual links to the EuroVelo 13 route. If the website’s layout seems familiar, it is probably because you have previously been on, the website of EuroVelo 15 – Rhine Cycle Route. has a similar design and layout.

However the route itself is unique. EuroVelo 13 – Iron Curtain Trail is the longest of all EuroVelo routes (10 400 km). It passes through 20 countries and has a really strong historical meaning. Cycling along the borders which used to be highly supervised and totally impassable is an unrivaled experience. Likewise, the European “Greenbelt” where runs EuroVelo 13 provides an unmatched natural scenery for such a long-distance cycle route.

So, are you ready to experience the history of Europe’s division?