Students from Berlin combined work and holidays

05.09.2011: Finnland: New update for the cycling route on the Easter border writes the Etelä-Saimaa newspaper

Etelä-Saimaa 5.9.2011

ORIGINAL: Itärajan pyöräreitille ajetaan uutta päivitystä.

A German publisher updates the information of his cycling guide from Kirkkoniemi in Norway to St. Petersburg. Three students from Berlin combined work and holidays.

IMATRA. The Germans are coming again. This summer, they arrived to Imatra as a group of three young men from the north and along a highway. However, at Vuoksenniska the young men could escape the street network. Janis Humann, Niklas Prenzel and Schulte-Sasse Roman spend a three-week cycling holiday, which also includes a small assignment. Bikeline, a German publisher for cycling route guides and maps, is making a second update on a guide book that covers the route from Arctic Sea to Black Sea. During the first two weeks boys have followed the route exactly according to the guidebook from Kirkkonimi in Norway to Imatra and the plan is to continue according to the instructions to Vaalimaa along the small streets.

Attention is paid to whether the information in the guide are still accurate, or is there new services along the route. Men's personal notions are familiar to all cyclists. Distances between different places are long, especially in northern Finland. This has not been a problem for the trio as they have their own tent and also camping spirit.

Their speech reflects 1960's when they talk about Finland and Finns. They remember many friendly encounters from the border villages although common language was sometime missing. Fortunately, there are mobiles phones, though which daughters or sons have been reached to interpret.

The adventure begins after Vaalimaa. The last unexplored part starts from the Vaalimaa border crossing and continues via Viipuri to St. Petersbourg. It is time for small advice. From Viipuri to Terijoki the road is suitable for cyclists, but after that one should be careful with the traffic. Then there is also a further question of everyman's rights on the Russian side. It is difficult to answer. There are some, but they are understood in a different way than in the Scandinavian countries. One purpose of the trip is to compare the cultural differences on both sides of the border.

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