Cyclist trio occupies streets from Kirkenes to St. Petersburg

03.09.2011: The finish newspaper Uutisvuoksi writes about the three cyclists from Germany passing through Imatra.

German cyclists have been on the road already two weeks when they arrived to Imatra on Friday.

The Iron Curtain continues to attract tourists. On Friday, three cyclists from Germany, who update a cycling guide of the countries divided by Iron Curtain, arrived to Imatra. In every country the route passes along the borders, and Niklas Prenzel, Roman Schulte-Sasse and Janis Humann began their trip from Kirkenes in Norway, after which their journey continued along the Finnish eastern border.- The night between Thursday and Friday we were close to Laikkoa Rautjärvi, and now the journey still continues about thirty kilometres from Imatra before we stop for the night, Schulte-Sasse says.

The first version of Iron Curtain Trail was published in 2009. The purpose of the trio is to update and correct the possible errors of the first edition and add the route from Vironlahti to St. Petersburg and further to Narva - a route that is missing from the previous map.- In Northern Finland, we to seek alternative routes, along which it would be easier to find places to sleep. We have a tent with us and we are happy to spend nights in it, but due to the historical background, the route surely interests also older cyclists who want to travel a bit more lightly equipped, Humann says.

For the trio, probably the most exiting part of the trip will be entrance to the Russian side of the border, because it is a brand new part of the cycling route, which they will plan. Mapping of the cycling route and editing of the book has also received funding from the EU.- None of us have ever been to St. Petersburg, and it is certainly a beautiful city to see. For Prenzelille, Schulte-Sasselle and Humannille the cycling project is nice break from their studies.- During the trip, bikes have become very familiar to each of us. We have not encountered major difficulties, only some back and knee problems.- And the beginning of the trip we had some broken tires, Niklas Prenzel laugh.

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