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14.04.2009: Iron curtain cycling trail takes in Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey

A European bicycle tour is being held along a route which previously divided West and East in Europe. Speaking after the ride along the borders of Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey, German Green MEP and member of the transport committee Michael Cramer commented:

"The "Iron Curtain Trail Project" will show European history in a vivid and practical way and will set a good example for sustainable tourism. We will tour through all of the 14 EU member states that were once separated by the Iron Curtain.

The first stage started last Easter weekend between Bulgaria and Greece, also including Turkey. A group of nearly one hundred cyclists from Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey joined the tour and demonstrated that cycling is not only fun but can also connect people in Europe and provide insight to history in an active way.

The 70 km long tour started in Svilengrad, Bulgaria and ended in Orestiada, Greece. In the town of Kastanies bikers from Turkey joined the Bulgarian-Greek cycling group. Schoolchildren and older persons joined the group as well as professional cyclist. The idea of cycling along the tri-border region was met with enthusiasm by all the participants.

Mayors and prefects of the region have spoken of their support for sustainable transport in cities and the need to promote bicycle tourism in the region. The Iron Curtain Trail project represents a step towards realising these goals."

The next bicycle tour with Michael Cramer will be on 26th of April in the tri-border region between Hungary, Austria and Slovenia.

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