Iron Curtain Trail's first part marked in Czech national park

12.04.2013: Report by the Czech News Agency from April 12th 2013 [en]

Znojmo, South Moravia, April 12 (CTK) - The first kilometers of the Iron Curtain Trail cycle route, which will connect the Barents Sea and the Black Sea, were marked in the Czech national park Podyji in the past days, Jan Kos, from the park's management, told CTK today.

The Iron Curtain Trail, marked by blue-and-white symbols with the number 13 and EU stars, will lead along the western border of the former Warsaw Pact states. The 10,400-km long route will be part of the EuroVelo network.

Kos said 300 metres of the original barbed-wire fence that was a part of the border barrier between the communist Czechoslovakia and the capitalist Austria would be among the stops on the trail.

This fence and a watchtower near Cizov, south Moravia, is the only section of the border barrier preserved in the country, he added.

Environmentalists say the communist regime, paradoxically and unintentionally, helped protect the landscape of the Podyji national park because the area was within the heavily guarded borderline strip.

Kos said the next part of the Iron Curtain Trail in northern Moravia would be marked by mid-May.

The Czech section of the cyclo route will have 600 kilometres and it is to be completed by early 2014.

The EuroVelo Route No 13 will start on the Russian-Norwegian border on the shore of the Barents Sea and it will end on the Bulgarian-Turkish border at the Black Sea.