'Iron Curtain' cycle tour reaches northern Europe


On 22-23 May cyclists can discover the cities of Tallinn and Helsinki in the framework of the "Iron Curtain Trail" cycling tour 2009. German Green MEP and member of the transport committee Michael Cramer commented:

“The cycling tour in Finland and Estonia on May 22-23 will be the final phase in a serial of cycling events held all along the European "Iron Curtain Trail". Together with cycling organisations and interested members of the public we will make several tours in the two capitals to promote sustainable urban mobility and the use of bicycles.

Historical sites were the focus of our last cycling trip along the German-Polish border at Swinemünde. This time our main objective is to show the advantages of cycling tourism and bicycles as a effective mean of transport in cities. According to the latest EU-Study (1) on 'Eurovelo' (the European Cycle Route Network), Finland is the third-ranked EU country for bicycle use after the Netherlands and Denmark."

(1) Due to be published in June 2009.

Programme for Friday, 22nd May 2009, Tallinn:

16.00 Bicycle ride through Tallinn with emphasis on the cycling network, meeting point, Estonian Parliament

17.00 Discussion round with Michael Cramer and environment NGO representatives on the 'Iron Curtain Trail' as example for sustainable tourism - followed by a press conference - venue: Headquarters of the Estonian Greens, Tallinn

Programme for Saturday, 23rd May 2009, Helsinki:

10.30 Arrival from Tallinn in Helsinki with ferry boat (Viking Express)

11.00 Bicycle tour from the port to the main train station, where the intercultural 'Maalima Kylässä Festival' will take place (http://www.maailmakylassa.fi/english/home)

approx. 12.00 Discussion round and press conference on bicycle use in the EU and Finland

followed by a bicycle ride through Helsinki with cyclists organisations."

The European 'Iron Curtain Trail' cycle tour was established to remember Europe's reunification and the overcoming of its divisions through peaceful revolution in Central Eastern Europe. More information on the tours and the program can be found here: http://www.ironcurtaintrail.eu/en/show/2466797#30