Fortschritte / Progress on the ground

Year: 2012
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28.12.2012 > Places at former Iron Curtain - Greenways through European history and nature (Download brozura_greenbelt_ict_en_web.pdf ca. 3055 Kb) - The legacy of the Iron Curtain should never be forgotten; on the contrary, it should always be remembered how high a price for freedom was paid by the inhabitants of the former east bloc. This brochure will tell you about several European projects built around the history of the Iron Curtain and the natural beauties within its corridor from the standpoint of low-impact tourism in the region of South Moravia, and its reach across the border into Lower Austria. (Pressespiegel)
10.07.2012 > Grenzsteintrophy 2012: Mit Mountainbike und GPS den einstigen Grenzverlauf entlang - von Marco Bertram auf, 20 Juni 2012 (Pressespiegel)