Iron Curtain Trail becomes official EUROVELO 13

13.09.2011: Over 10,000 kilometres of cycle routes were added to European Cycle Network, EuroVelo as the two new cycle routes were officially inaugurated at the European Parliament in Brussels last night.

The European Cyclists Federation (ECF) reports about the new routes added to the Eurovelo network

"The two new routes added to the network include the famous Iron Curtain Trail (EV13), which spans over 9000 kilometres and crosses 20 countries, tracing the remnants of the Iron Curtain which divided Europe for almost half a century. The Rhine Route (EV15) is also joining the network. It follows the Rhine River running from Switzerland, via Germany and France to the Netherlands, treating cycling tourists with spectacular views of castles and wine yards along the away. Both itineraries can now be signposted with EuroVelo signage, bringing the total number of the cycle routes to 14.


Michael Cramer, Greens’ MEP from Germany and the brainchild behind the ‘Iron Curtain Trail’ was keen to highlight the advantages of cycling and cycle tourism: “We all know that those who’ll master the future know the past. The Iron Curtain Trail is a wonderful example of riding amongst history, culture, politics and nature.”

'Cycle tourism is not only of ecological importance,' Cramer explains, 'And when considering that a cycle tourist spends more money a day than a tourist travelling by car, it is obvious that cycle tourism is important for economic reasons and especially for local businesses.'

The network is set to be completed by 2020."

Please find the whole ECF article here