Iron Curtain Trail in Macedonia

21.12.2010: The Macedonian press reports about the new development processes of the Iron Curtain Trail in Macedonia.

40,000 EUR invested for development of alternative tourism

18.12.2010 KANAL 5

The red tape was cut at the location Berovo Ablanica trail symbolizing the beginning of the Iron Curtain Trail in Macedonia. This was the promotion of a project for an integrated tourism offer along the ICT in Berovo, Delchevo, Pehchevo and Zrnovci, where four locations were arranged and a clear message was sent to the EU. The total value of the project is 40,000 EUR, provided by GTZ and the four municipalities, covering the trail in Berovo, Ilin Kamen in Delchevo, and waterfalls of Bregalnica in Pehcevo and ethno room in Zrnovci. The mayor of Berovo states that this was a step forward in tourism development in Berovo. The manager of the Centre for Development of the East Planning Region states that this was a first project of its type enriching the tourist offer, each visitor should have more days to stay in the country and in Maleshevo, Osogovo, Plachkovica. The 11 municipalities in the region have natural rarities and have prepared a feasibility study for tourism development in order to reach up to the conditions of European money more easily. The president of the Regional Council states that the Study for tourism development was to be presented in front of the donors and investors. Macedonia was for the first time this year part of an Iron Curtain Trail event. The trail is used frequently by bikers from SEE and has the objective to promote all forms of alternative tourism.

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Iron Curtain is removed for tourists

21.12.2010 DNEVNIK

Four municipalities from the East region with the help of the German technical cooperation (GTZ) have been preparing the necessary infrastructure needed for the first tourists to arrive along the Iron Curtain Trail. This trail passes through more than 20 European countries and in April this year it was also promoted in Macedonia. The trail enters Macedonian in Delchevo and exits by Novo Selo. The last few days the trail was promoted in the Berovo-Ablanica area. The project coordinated by the Centre for Development of the East Planning Region, had activities in Pehchevo as well, where Bregalnica waterfalls were arranged and got additional content for tourists’ recreation. Another location within the implemented project was Ilin Kamen Delchevo and the ethno room in Zrnovci. Marin Demirovski, representative of the Brovo team for local economic development stated that they had connected the most important picnic sites and tourist locations between Berovo and Pehcevo with trails, as basic precondition for the tourism development. Pavle Donev from the regional office of GTZ in Shtip stated that the East and South-East region would have their support in the future as well. He stated that in order to have European tourists the offer should be based on European standards, something which takes continuous work. We have recently been approved for a EU project in partnership with institutions from Bulgaria, along the Iron Curtain Trail.

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Berovo got a trail, Zrnovci an ethno room…

21.12.2010 VEST

Berovo got a 3 km recreational trail, as part of the offer of Berovo Ablanica. An ethno room was prepared in Zrnovci, Delchevo has made Ilin Kamen more available for tourists and Pehchevo has provided additional content along springs and waterfalls of Brenalnica. These activities are part of a project for integrated tourist offer of the 4 municipalities, worth 40,000 EUR, financed by GTZ and municipal funds. According to Ratko Dimitrovski, president of the Regional Council, these activities are part of the feasibility study for tourism development of the East planning region. The study is expected to bring investors and develop Osogovo, Plachkovica and Maleshevo.

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