European Fund for Regional Development

Funding opportunities for the Iron Curtain Trail within the EFRD


For the European Territorial Cooperation objectives, the ERDF focuses its aid on three main areas:

  • development of economic and social cross-border activities;
  • establishment and development of transnational cooperation, including bilateral cooperation between maritime regions;
  • increasing the efficiency of regional policy through interregional promotion and cooperation, the networking and exchange of experiences between regional and local authorities.

Eligibility of expenditure:

For expenditure to become eligible, it must be incurred between 1 January 2007 and 31 December 2015. Co-financed transactions must not be completed before the start date for eligibility. Rules are established at national level except where the specific rules of the fund state otherwise. This is different from the 2000-2006 period where the rules were set at Community level.

Administration of the funds

Although the Structural Funds are part of the Community budget, the way they are spent is based on a system of shared responsibility between the European Commission and Member State authorities:

  • the Commission negotiates and approves the development programmes proposed by the Member States, and allocates resources.
  • the Member States and their regions manage the programmes, implement them by selecting projects, control and assess them.
  • the Commission is involved in programme monitoring, commits and pays out approved expenditure and verifies the control systems.

For each operational programme, the Member State appoints:

  • a managing authority (a national, regional or local public authority or public/private body to manage the operational programme);
  • a certification body (a national, regional or local public authority or body to certify the statement of expenditure and the payment applications before their transmission to the Commission);
  • an auditing body (a national, regional or local public authority or body for each operational programme to oversee the efficient running of the management and monitoring system).

In a recent letter, then Vice-President of the European Commission, Günter Verheugen, who was also in charge of tourism, confirmed that transborder regional projects related to the Iron Curtain Trail can apply for ERDF funding under during the current funding period 2007-2013. He nonetheless stressed that the regional administrations are the managing authorities.

We recommend all organisations interested in funding to address directly to the competent managing authorities. Please visit the official website of the Directorate General Regional Policy at the European Commission.

More information regarding EFRD funding for tourism projects can be found here.

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Antwortbrief von Vize-Präsident Günter Verheugen zur Umsetzung des "Europa-Radwegs Eiserner Vorhang" vom 31.07.2009Download (444 kb)
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