Through Europe along the former Iron Curtain

20 nations are part of the Iron Curtain Trail project, among them 14 members of the EU.

The path starts at the Barents Sea along the Norwegian-Russian and Finnish-Russian border, passes a short stretch of the coasts of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, Kaliningrad, Poland and the former GDR. From Lübeck to the three-nation border (Saxony-Bavaria-Czech Republic) the path follows the former German-German border. Then it follows the highlands of the Bohemian Forest, passes Moravia and the Slovak capital of Bratislava and crosses the Danube near Vienna.

It then follows the southern border of Hungary via Slovenia and Croatia. Between Rumania and Serbia it follows in the main the Danube, and, via Bulgaria, Macedonia and Greece to end at the northernmost point of Turkey on the Black Sea coast.

The path traverses many national parks with interesting flora and fauna and connects many unique landscapes which, because they were either with the border areas or close to them are hardly touched. The path also connects many monuments, Museums and open-air establishments which remind us of the history of the division of Europe and it’s ending via a peaceful, a “velvet” revolution in Eastern Europe.

The stages

The Nothern part
The route through Germany
The Southern part